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Water Service & Curb Traps

Changing the interior or the base of a house is a very big step. This step can lead to property loss if done with poor knowledge. So Hawkins is here to help you with your plumbing and all the water services that you might need. We can help you are likely managing a tight budget and looking for a return on your investment. A perfect way to gain a return on your investment is to use expert help for all of your tasks. We can help you with distinct water services as well as curb traps. We have high-efficiency products that save water are available for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry and utility rooms.

With our expertise, you can easily install water-efficient fixtures and appliances which have been certified and are the most used around the globe. In case you are wondering what a curb trap is, it is a u-shaped pipe that connects to your main drain and lateral. The primary function of a curb trap is to keep sewer gas from entering the house from the main drain. We also install vents along with the curb trap which fresh air to circulate through the system.

We will:

  • Look for water-using-products that are low-flow and water-efficient.
  • Help you plan the best for your home including product specifications.
  • Choose the best water-using fixtures and appliances.
  • Help you throughout your project.

Our company is an insured and licensed (#34669) organization, striving to offer only the best possible services every single time. We accept Credit card payments, and we can also offer you a free estimate of our services. We are famously known as Reasonable and responsible.